The Co-Creative Sandbox

"... and there I stood in silence, gazing out to the millions of lights illuminating the mountain side, finding it unfathomable, unthinkable, impossible: hat one mind could conceive all of this."

We have built what exists  as a result of the instinct to think, create and play.

Yet, more often than not, we see the world, nature and one another as an ultimate struggle for conquest. Rarely instead, do we view each member of humanity as a co-author to every building, sculpture and landscape that surrounds us.

A painter does not paint without a mark of impression made from another human experience. The business owner does not operate without a customer to serve. The construction worker cannot construct buildings without persons to inhabit them

The thrill of being human imbues one with the creative itch to architect and impact another's life experience as often as possible.

There is a deep desire to bring something novel into reality that makes someone else's experience, struggle or time here a bit better.

Leaving one to wonder, what else a world and a story of humanity might look like if we realized that we were authoring it together.