The Musings of Travel

On True Freedom

Monetary wealth yields both the power to set free and to enslave — the option is bestowed onto the beholder. Stuff, or experience, neither of which you can take with you in the end.

On Simplicity

What can you fit into a 40 litre, 35 litre, or 30 litre bag? A little more than you probably need. Avoid becoming encumbered by material, ideals, and even egoisms. Man was made to live light.

On Unstructuredness

Mix both structure and unstructured into one’s life. Time fleets slowly, no one knows where to. But granularization and quantizing every last second is a losing strategy in the long run.

On Desire

Do not desire freedom. Freedom is flexibility. The more paths to take can lead to slavery. Desire cuts paths. Chooses one, and destroys others. Desired paths are fulfilling — cookie cut ones are artificial.

On Embellishment (overratedness)

Steak every evening loses its tender taste. Contrasts yields novelty. There is no point in running around mindlessly trying to fit every sight into a limited timeline. Better to have seen a few sights with your own eyes, than a hundred through someone else's.

On The Beauty of Small Things

Small is concentrate. Small is the amplification of negative space (aesthetic). Small is efficiency. Small is nimbleness.

On Time

Time is a concept. Each brief moment emerges and decays. Find a home in the process sweating it out. As if it were real. As if it weren’t really a dream. As if you wouldn’t really wake up. Even the main character in the story, never knows what comes next.

On Yūgen (幽玄)

"A profound, mysterious sense of the beauty of the universe… and the sad beauty of human suffering”.

The admissions price to the dream of life.

On Amor Fatí (love of fate)

Willingness to fight, to pass and to fade as a champion on the inside.

On The Perfection of Concrete Paths

When a path or idea is in the  abstract, it is in the web of possibilities, and therefore flirts endlessly with perfection. By virtue of your existence, the current path you find yourself in is one of those possibilities materialized and concrete.

Because it is concrete, it feels imperfect in contrast to the infinity of options among the tree of potentials. But as the current path is concrete, it was chosen among the infinitude of perfection. Therefore the concrete path you’ve lead yourself up to today, is the perfect path one could have ever taken, because it’s real. Imperfection implies perfection.