My Tower of Babel

Has it been an illusion all along?
Let me go into it once more.
Brick by brick I built this tower,
Diligently, carefully in my mind.
Over years this image took form.

But it was implied consent I gave it,
I never willed it away.
For this picture coddled me in adversity,
And kept my warm on the darkest days.

It became the last item before sleep,
And the first criteria to rise.
It was everything, my everything,
My tower of Babel in the mind.

And in an instant this careful construction was toppled,
With just a single piercing stare.
Clearly now, I see,
The seeds the world planted in me,
And now, I am set free.

Free from the cage I long called home:
Misery and self despair.
Free into the light of day like a bird on the wing,
Free as the free spirits Nietzsche longed to see.

But now, I sit and stare, blankly.
Terrified of what might be.
Terrified what I've seen, cannot be unseen.
And now my tower has been destroyed,
And within the remains I find, myself,
Someone who has long been estranged.