The Foundry of Failed Creations

See Foundry of Failed Creations

Welcome to my project graveyard! I will periodically update this page with failed, deprecated or abandoned projects. Projects are killed for a variety of reasons including: feasibility, difficulty, conflicts of interest, etc. Software is beautiful, the real world is messy.

  • Tradebay Book (2019-2021) - A book about building Tradebay from scratch
  • Tradebay (2019-2021) - Heroku for trading bots. Tradewave for non-technical users
  • Bitzen (2018-2019) - ¬†Bitcoin and Ethereum Exchange
  • Koi Learning (2018-2019) - A learning management system (LMS) based on "units of education" framework for self directed learners.
  • Ethereum Open Transaction Insurance Market (2017-2018) - Peer to peer counter-party risk insurance. Nexus Mutual + bounty board for real world transactions.
  • Hibernate (2018) - Circadian rhythm alarm clock
  • Consciousness (2018) - Immutable and pseudonymous social journaling. Think pseudonymous pen-pals.
  • Posture, Be Mindful (2017-2018) - App to correct smart phone neck strain.
  • Flow (2016-2017) - Visual checklists