Chimpanzee Dreams

To consider all the power and invention produced from the hunk of mass we call our brains, fills me with amazement.

To think of all the things built throughout history by this common blueprint: seemingly disparate cells, overlapping in secondary, tertiary and quaternary structures, firing random sets of electric signals up and down axion lines. From the ingenuity in the Siege of Tyre to elucidation of DNA structure – all built by an unfathomable network of cells.

Within every new life, there is this potential for so much. From  the God-like heights of mountain-tops to the lowest of defeats in conquest. From cliff sides of the suicidal to the rocky edges of exhilaration. From coldness in setbacks, to the amusement in the thread which draws them all together.

Even of your own experience, all the conflict, and joy of growing and aging —  multiply this across billions of instances! Seeing the impossibility of alone achieving and exploring all, but in the collective, just that.

Filled with a profound astonishment, you, as a single character in the story about a species called homo sapiens whom grew out of the earth in order to see the infinite contained therein.

Chimpanzees sitting oceanside, peering out into the darkness of the night sky, on this blue dot in a universe they might never see, floating along to the tune of infinity.

Kind thanks to Melanie Adler, and her beautiful performance of The Things With Feathers and Dominik Scythe for the cover image.