The Calculus of Human Experience

Mythology, stories and ancient wisdom contain the calculus of human experience

Should nature be a Mathematician, Statistician or a Story teller? For what is the language of Mathematics but an abstract paintbrush to draw in the net of the  reality. What is Statistics but the sfumato to blur the randomness of life into a coherent structure. And the third option: narrative - a calculus in the language of virtues and values of humans composed of myths, tales, and stories.

The unsung rules or patterns of conscious existence:

The Hero’s Journey: A formula to embracing the potential embedded in all of us.

The Symbolism of Escape: Huxley’s Soma, Dostoevsky’s Alcohol, Orwell's 2 Minutes Hate

The Christ Motif: Tolkien's Gandalf, Sparta's Leonidas, the modern day entrepreneur

Nature carves its formulas for immortality in these different ways. For our existence more palatable when interpreted as a piece of art, instantiable into many mediums - paint, stone, narrative, drama. It is not the gold or silver which are used to etch the imprint of those great men and women, but clay, as Seneca might say.

True wealth is, perhaps, to touch infinity in one of these symbols while enduring the courtship with total catastrophe. For that which boldly adventures to touch infinity in their domain acts as a new tool to expand this glorious work of art – life! Those adventurers, become the flint of inspiration for Nature's a new avenue of expression - a new path to take in this artwork of human experience. It is then he or she who becomes a character of history - another formula to the grand calculus.

But how does a man discover his value, his place, his search in this life? Should he, seeing Nature sculpting away decide too to sculpt himself? Not by the ebb and flow  of climates today, but with the wisdom of the ancients and the past? Knowing all too well those great men and women were in pursuit of the same that he seeks.

Like a crashing wave in infinite circulation, he, with youthful energy takes up the slowed momentum of those passing down, in a cyclic forward momentum.