Building & Deploying Crypto Trading Bots (November Update)

Approximately 1.5 years ago I started work on a hobby project to create  arbitrage trading bots that trade against simulated cryptocurrency markets. Naïvely as I was thinking it would be "finished in just a few months" I quickly discovered why very few resources had been written on the subject in the first place: it is quite a bit of work!

As a non-expert in just about every angle of this project besides building Rails applications, I asked if it might be valuable for others to put together a blog series or guide on how to do this. From this observation I decided late October 2019 to take the project a step further and transform it into a new book forthcoming in 2021 titled "Building & Deploying Crypto Trading Bots with Rails and Go".

The goal of the book is to provide a project driven perspective of taking an initial idea such as "deploy arbitrage bots to the cloud" to a full formed prototype someone can play with. I will admit it is a few degrees past "hacky prototype" and I stubbornly go out of my way to point out some beneficial practices but the end product is pretty cool nonetheless!

An initial wireframe for the project's "trader portal"

Realistically the book feels like a "building a product in a book" because it is composed of roughly two to three smaller projects: a web application, an async bot deployer, and a multi-strategy cryptocurrency trading bot. It is not designed to be run in a production environment and should not be, but, it does "look and feel" like a product one might use on the internet, and that is the point given it is a prototype. It has been continuous labour of early mornings and weekends, but I am excited to provide an update on the progress of the project today.

The landing page of the project

As of November 2020, the first draft for the web application and deployer code is ~85% complete. This places the first draft at what I might estimate as ~60% towards completion. This milestone includes the actual written first draft of the book, including code snippets,  for the web application and deployer in addition to what I feel is a respectable "publishing ready" codebase that will serve as reference for the project. The codebase includes an entire modern Ruby on Rails application using modern components like Sidekiq, Docker, SSHKit and more that manages configurations, deployment and lifecycles of a cloud trading bots.

A further iteration on the initial wireframe of the "trader portal" 

In addition to this milestone, I have recently completed the proof of concept for a multi-strategy trading bot that appears to successfully implement foreign currency arbitrage between Bitcoin market pairs. I feel the proof of concept dramatically de-risks the book's potential for successful launch and has given me some additional push towards the finish line.

Log output from the arbitrage bot indicating there is mispricing between BTC-USD and BTC-EUR markets.

As aspiration as a December 2020 publishing date was, I do not think I will be able to reach it given the amount of work remaining in the project, but, feel more confident in a 2021 launch date. If this book or project interests you, or you would like to stay updated with the progress of the book I would recommend subscribing to the wait list I have put together below, or by visiting to find out more information about what the project covers!

Building & Deploying Crypto Trading Bots with Rails & Go

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